Mixed Up Already


My name is Timothy from Jakarta, Indonesia; and I’m still new with this blogging stuff. Lol :D

Recently I have another hobby, which is travelling, and also writing.

I actually wrote about my trip previously in my blogspot (timozzomit), but I rarely updated it, and it became hiatus for quite some time. So then I decided a new one in wordpress. First I made this blog (mixedupalready), but then I changed my mind, and made another blog called nasigorengkambing.

I started blogging in wordpress from general stuff, about daily life; then I did a trip to Bali. When I came back home, I said to myself, ‘I think it would be fun to put my experience in Bali in this blog!’ :D

Someday, I was thinking, ‘what was I doing? Mixedupalready is already good, why I changed?’


From that time, I started to write, and moved my posts in my previous blog to this one.

I’m thinking to focus in Travel & Event (I read a lot that in blogging, we should focus in one theme! :P ). Travel is my recent hobby, and also I like to attend some event, from cultural, concert, and movie festival. Talking about movie, I watch movie a lot, that’s why in the old posts, there’re some movie review.

And for the photos in this blog, I took most of the photos by myself. If I used photos from others, I will give credit to the person. I also just made an account in Flickr, to put the photos that I can’t put it here.

For the camera that I used, I actually have a DSLR -> Canon 60D, but I’m still using a fix lense 50mm f/1.8. Actually, the quality of the picture is good, but only for an object, such as: persons, things, etc. For scenery, I’m still learning how to get a better picture! That’s why I’m using my iPhone 4s, and love the result! Especially the cloud :P I also love landscape picture, and if I bought the panoramic lens for my Canon, it will cost me a lot! (The price of the lense is similar with the price of a camera! Goodness! Lol). That’s why I bought a Lomo Camera -> Horizon Perfekt. I’ve dreamt to have a lomo camera from a long time ago haha. And lastly, my old pocket camera, Sony DSC-W170. Do you know that, Pat Monahan, the vocalist of TRAIN, held this camera to take a picture of him with the audience! :D

So enough talking … And let’s have fun! :)

Facebook: Timothy Wirjo Pawiro
Twitter: @timothywp