Labodalih Sembiring

A freelance features reporter for English-language publications (published feature articles listed herehere, and here), a writer of fictions in English and Indonesian, an amateur photographer, a translator with Ganggang Biru Language Consulting, a creative writing lecturer, and a gardener at his rooftop. Yes, he can’t stay still; some elders believe it’s because mommy kept a pet monkey when she had him.

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Travel Junkie Indonesia

Travel Junkie Indonesia is a green traveler, travel writer, travel blogger, travel journalist, travel photographer, and next TV travel personality for Travel Channel UK. Travel Junkie Indonesia‘s blog shares expert travel advices, stories from exotic destinations, and budget travel tips.

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Astrid Reza

Taleaboutnomad is the daily blog of Astrid Reza, showing her many faces and adventures as a writer, translator, single mother to Asabhumy, history and literature geek, yoga addict, weekend baker and daily chef to her son, and, last but not least, as a nomad at heart where her soul is in her travel.

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